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We have been a creative marketing agency since 1978, and since establishing our roots in Ridgewood, NJ, we have built our reputation on solid business relationships and problem solving for top international brands, including Sony, Panasonic, BMW and many more.

 We collect your ideas and transform them into beautifully designed print and promotional products. We're fast, flexible, and competitive and provide a full compliment of services, including design, production, installation, maintenance and reporting.  Our team is dedicated to ensuring that every product and service you receive from Sole Images is first quality and that we become your preferred choice for your printing and promotional needs.  

Let's get creative today.

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  • Case Study: Sharper Students

    Case Study: Sharper Students

    Description: Pencil Sharpener Industry: Construction What it was purchased for: A shipyard in a major city harbor has advocates who go out to local schools to promote shipbuilding. These advocates n...

  • Case Study: Masks and Casks

    Case Study: Masks and Casks

    When a distillery was launching a new line of spirits, they collaborated with a large chain of liquor stores to promote their new products. The stores gave all employees PrevaGuard™ Face Masks i...

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